'We want people to live with MOEBE designs for a lifetime', Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Co-Founder MOEBE

Meet Martin, the 37-year-old co-founder of MOEBE. At the age of 37, he is not only a dedicated family man but also a visionary esthetician and entrepreneur. As the Designer & Director at MOEBE, a brand known for its commitment to simplicity, good materials, and well-constructed designs, Martin shares insights into his personal and professional approach to interior design.

From left: Anders Thams, Martin de Neegaard Christensen & Nicholas Oldroyd

Warm minimalism sprinkled with colorful books and toys

Martin's design philosophy extends beyond his professional life and into his home, a funkisvilla from 1934 where he lives with his family. Describing their style as "warm minimalism," he and his wife carefully curate a collection of few, but good things.

“We like warm tones and structures of wood, as well as green plants in combination with strict lines and “flat” block surfaces, a contrast that works really well”. Although, the reality of family life is a minimalistic home sprinkled with colorful books and toys.

Inspired by American artist Donald Judd, Martin appreciates extreme simplicity in form and the strictness in concept. Balancing aesthetics and functionality is crucial in his home, where the pieces not only look good but serve a purpose.
Most importantly, Martin is not into fast fashion and design trends, but chooses objects that he can see himself live with for a long time, which is also the core of MOEBEs approach to design. 

MOEBE: Appreciation for simplicity, good materials and well-constructed designs that do not destroy the world

As a co-founder of MOEBE alongside Anders and Nick, Martin reflects on the brand as an expression of their collective personalities. Together, they've built the brand from the ground, driven by a shared fascination and appreciation for simplicity, good materials, and well-constructed designs. Their united ambition goes beyond aesthetics; it's about making designs without destroying the world.
At MOEBE, sustainability is not a buzzword but an integral part of the design process. Every product, informed by six design principles, is constructed from individual parts, allowing for flat packing, easy repairs, and a commitment to longevity. Spare parts are offered for all designs, emphasizing repair over replacement, and the ultimate goal is for people to live with MOEBE products for a lifetime.

Looking to the future, Martin envisions MOEBE continuing to work with its six design principles, consistently evaluating and improving efforts to create products that are made to last. What makes him most proud is the enduring commitment to the values that shaped the company from its beginning almost a decade ago.

Favorite MOEBE Designs: Shelving System and Frame

Choosing a favorite from MOEBE's collection is a challenge for Martin, but he highlights the Shelving System for its modularity, offering a myriad of choices that cater to almost every room, need, and taste. Additionally, he expresses pride in MOEBEs Frame collection, a design sold for almost a decade, evolving in colors and materials while maintaining a construction principle that simply works. Explore KEEPRs collection of MOEBE designs. 


MOEBE Shelving System                                MOEBE Frame

As Martin de Neergaard Christensen and MOEBE continue to shape the world of design, his dedication to timeless aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability remains unwavering.MOEBE stands not just as a brand but as an expression of the strong values of its founders.